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The World-Class Experts You’ll Soon Be Learning From With The PreMed Virtual Summit All Access Pass

Module 1 - Planning Your PreMed Years

Renee Marinelli, MD

Gap Years: When to Take One and How to Make the Most of It

Dr. Marinelli is a physician who previously served on the admissions committee at UC Irvine, and now works with students daily as the Director of Advising for MedSchoolCoach. In her masterclass, you'll discover the common reasons for gap years and how you can make the most of your gap year.

Kevin Jubbal, MD

6 Mistakes You're Making as a PreMed

Dr. Jubbal is a former plastic surgeon and founder of Med School Insiders, which has 600,000+ YouTube subscribers. This masterclass reveals the 6 common mistakes Dr. Jubbal sees in PreMed students and how to avoid them.

Tania Heller, MD

How to Know if Medicine is the Career for You

Dr. Heller is a pediatrician and author of the book "On Becoming a Doctor." After practicing clinical medicine for many years, she now advises students pursuing a career in medicine. In this masterclass, you'll discover the major rewards and frustrations of being a physician and how to determine if it's the career for you.

Abi, MS1

All About Research: From Getting into Your First Lab to Publishing Your First Manuscript

Abi is a first-year medical student who earned a remarkable 7 peer-reviewed publications during her time as an undergraduate. She currently runs the popular Instagram @abisanatomy with over 15K followers. In this masterclass, Abi reveals the process she used from initially starting with a research lab to writing multiple peer-reviewed publications. 

Dan, MS3

Becoming an EMT: From Initial Training to Responding to Your First Emergencies

Dan is a third-year medical student who started with his EMT experience in high school and continued it until medical school. He genuinely loves helping PreMeds through his Instagram @futureMDlife, which has over 45K followers. In this masterclass, Dan reveals the full process to becoming an EMT and how to make the most of your certification once you've passed the final exam.

Jennifer Nemecek

Study Abroad: How Any PreMed Can Go Abroad and Why Med Schools Love to See It

Jennifer was the former Assistant Dean for Pre-Health at Notre Dame for 10 years and currently operates Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC. In this masterclass, you'll discover how studying abroad is more accessible than you think and how it'll help you be the well-rounded applicant med schools love.

McKenna Waller

Getting Your First Healthcare Job (When You Have Zero Healthcare Experience)

McKenna is an undergraduate PreMed student who already has incredible clinical experience having worked as both an anesthesia tech and a scribe. She also runs the popular Instagram page @magnolia_med. In this masterclass, you'll discover how to get started with a job in healthcare and the exact day-to-date of an anesthesia tech.

Module 2 - How to Succeed as a Student

Dr. Andre Pinesett

How Anyone (Including You) Can Get in to Med School with a Low GPA

Dr. Pinesett is a Black, 1st generation college student who overcame tremendous adversity to graduate from Stanford Medical School. He is an award-winning educator, noted authority on student productivity and the founder of therealstudydoc.com. For 15+ years he has been dedicated to helping students, particularly underrepresented and disadvantaged pre-meds, study and pre-med efficiently so they can achieve their med school goals. In this masterclass, whether you are off to a slow start or you’ve made a complete mess of college, you will learn the 3 keys to overcoming your low GPA and becoming a doctor.

Lily, MS3

Your PreMed GPA-- Everything You've Wanted to Know

Lily is a third year medical student who runs the Instagram @lilyinmedicine. This masterclass reveals how to calculate your PreMed GPA (AKA math and science GPA) and how it's seen by medical schools.

Jennifer Nemecek

PreMed Majors: A Deep Dive (Much Deeper than "You Can Be Any Major")

Jennifer was the former Assistant Dean for Pre-Health at Notre Dame for 10 years and currently operates Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC. In this masterclass, you'll get actionable advice on picking your major that's much deeper than the routine "you can be any major" advice.

Ron Robertson

Maximizing Memory: Tips and Tricks to Succeed in School and Life

Ron is the Co-Founder and CEO of Picmonic, an innovative learning system that helps students in healthcare maximize their own memory. In this masterclass, you'll discover the exact methods that Picmonic uses with its programs to help students remember more in less time.

Adam Nessim, MS3

Lecture 101: The Proven Method to Get the Most from Course Lecture

Adam is a 3rd year medical student and the founder of the PreMed Consultants where he helps PreMeds achieve their dream of getting into medical school. He also runs the popular Instagram @allthingshealthcare. In this masterclass, you'll discover how maximize your learning efficiency in lecture (plus tons of other study efficiency tips).

Max Ruge, Resident Physician

The Simple Formula to Better Grades, Less Studying, and a Happier PreMed Life

Max is a 4th year medical student and the host of the PreMed Virtual Summit. He's created multiple online courses for PreMeds and is an expert is maximizing study efficiency. This masterclass discusses myths and facts about effective studying that, once you know, will completely change your PreMed life.

Module 3 - The MCAT

Sean Casey

MCAT Prep for Freshman & Sophomores: When and How to Begin

Sean Casey is a medical student and founder of SeanStudies.com, which provides academic and MCAT tutoring to students. This masterclass will ensure you're well on track (or even ahead of the curve) for taking the MCAT early in your undergrad career.

Leah Fisch

The MCAT-- A Full Overview

Leah is a US Navy Combat Veteran and is the founder of Leah4Sci, which has a booming YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers. She is currently a full time PreMed life coach and MCAT tutor. In this masterclass, you'll discover the answers to many questions you've always wondered about the MCAT. This masterclass is a great MCAT intro.

Ken Tao

The Definitive Guide of MCAT Study Resources

Ken Tao is a world expert on the MCAT  having written dozens of MCAT books and guides and was one of the highest rated Princeton Review tutors ever when he worked for them. He is currently the Director of MCAT at MedSchoolCoach.  In this masterclass, he reveals the must-get, gold-standard resources for the MCAT (and which you should avoid).

Kathryn Henshaw

Getting the Most from Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams

Kathryn works full-time as a Master Tutor for MedSchoolCoach and scored in the 99th percentile on her own MCAT. This masterclass is all about full-length practice exams, which are a critical component of your MCAT preparation. 

Yindra Puentes

The Power of Question-Based Learning for MCAT Prep

Yindra is a bioinformatician with a background in biomedical statistical analysis who oversees the development of the UWorld MCAT Question Bank. This session discusses challenges students face while studying for the MCAT and how to overcome them by using practice questions. Over 90% of medical students use UWorld practice questions to prepare for their medical board exams, attend this masterclass to see why you should also make use of this powerful learning method to ace the MCAT.

Sean Casey

Retaking the MCAT: When to Retake and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes

Sean Casey is a medical student and founder of SeanStudies.com, which provides academic and MCAT tutoring to students. This session talks through the personalized approach to take when decided whether you should retake the MCAT.

Module 4 - The Med School Application

Ryan Gray, MD

How to Write a Personal Statement So Good, They'll Have to Give You an Interview

Dr. Gray is former US Air Force Flight Surgeon who has written multiple best-selling books for PreMeds and is the host of the PreMed Years podcast that has over 3 million downloads. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to write a personal statement that will have medical schools fighting over you.

Edward Lipsit, MD

From Primary Application to Acceptance: A Full Overview of the Med School Application Process

Dr. Lipsit is a radiologist who has previously served on medical school admissions committees. He now works with students as a Master Advisor for MedSchoolCoach. His masterclass provides a start-to-finish overview of the medical school application process.

Ziggy Yoediono, MD

Letters of Recommendation: Who and How to Ask

Dr. Yoediono is a Harvard-trained physician with extensive admissions experience, including being a pre-health advisor at Duke University. He now works with students as a Master Advisor for MedSchoolCoach. His masterclass breaks down letters of recommendation including how to cultivate relationships and more.

Sara Bittman, MD

Crafting Your Med School List

Dr. Bittman is an obstetrics hospitalist who is a coach and advisor for PreMeds through her company The Med Coach. In this masterclass, Dr. Bittman reveals her step-by-step process for choosing medical schools to apply to.

Ryan Gray, MD

Interviewing for Success: From Traditional to MMI

Dr. Gray is former US Air Force Flight Surgeon who has written multiple best-selling books for PreMeds and is the host of the PreMed Years podcast that has over 3 million downloads. This masterclass reveals the must-know information you need to know from all types of interviews including traditional, MMI, and group interviews.

Here’s What Some Experts Have To Say About Max

My GPA has definitely gone up...

"Max has been so helpful in navigating life as a premed with all his tricks and guides. My GPA has definitely gone up since reading his emails! Thank you!!!"

MCKENNA WALLER  //  @magnolia_med

If you are struggling in any part of your PreMed journey, Max is your man!

"Max is such a great resource throughout the whole PreMed journey. He has given me and countless other people great tips on how to improve study habits, reduce test anxiety, and find research opportunities. If you're struggling in any part of your PreMed journey, Max is your man! I serious can't thank him enough."

TIA  //  @scansandscalpels

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